Last night was the 70th annual Golden Globes and as always (most) of the Hollywood stars looked great.  There were some men in particular that shined above the others.  I wanted to highlight my favorites and show how you could utilize there outfits during other occasions besides the red carpet.

Nolan Gould
Not yet a man,but he looked pretty awesome for only being 14 years old I can't lie.  If you've kept up with London's fashion week its obvious that the color orange has made quite an entrance and Nolan rocked it pretty well.  The shirt and matching bow tie can be worn with almost any black jacket or blazer and if done right can be worn casually for any occasion.

Brian Austin Green
Better known for 90210 and shagging up with Megan Fox, showed up in the classic black tie event attire.  When asked Megan Fox said that Brian has had the same suit for years and refuses to buy another one.  I thought this was awesome, it shows you don't need to buy a new suit every time you need one.  The classic rule when buying a suit is it should last longer than you will.  Always look for a suit in which its style will never be out of style, and Brian proves this true here.

Aaron Paul
First I'm a huge fan of his acting and of the show Breaking Bad.  If you haven't seen it do yourself a favor and veg. out for the weekend and take a look at this show.  Second I like that he veered away from the classic black suit and black tie. It almost seems like it has a subtle green tint too both the suit and tie which can make it versatile for other events.  Your suits don't always have to be black, don't be afraid to try something different every once in a while.

Ewan McGregor
Last but definitely not least, Ewan went in the complete opposite direction with this one.  No tie, unbuttoned shirt and no worries.  Ewan looked like he was just there for the free drinks.  About as casual as you can get with this one, plain white button down shirt with matching pocket square.  This outfit is very versatile.  You can wear this to dinner,  lunch, just for the day or any other occasion that has the ability to dress casual.  The options are endless with this one.

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