For summer or for winter?

             Today I received a scarf in the mail that I recently purchased off of Amazon.com.  It's a black and white houndstooth scarf that I snagged up for $11.  Thin material nice and cool for summer and spring days.  I was more planning for the future with this purchase, ya I know summer is like 5 months away and spring is even 3 months from now.  The key here is that I can wear it now more for fashion than for warmth but, I'm planning ahead.  No, you can't predict what fashion styles and trends are coming in the future, but when your a dapper on a dollar its good to be prepared for the upcoming seasons.  Prices of summer items will always go up in spring and summer times.  So it doesn't hurt to stock up for the coming weather in advance.  The point is to buy little purchases for summer in the winter and vice verse. A pair of shorts here a pair of flip flops there and before you know it your ready for summer once summer comes around again.  Always be on the lookout for items for the off season pushed to the back of the shelf, chances are there marked down heavily from what they will eventually get back to when there on the front display.

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