Easy as tie

Choosing the right tie for the right occasion can be tricky.  Stripes, dots, plain, knit, wool, tie clips, & pocket squares.  So many options it shouldn't be hard to find the right pair to match your outfit and set the right tone for day.  I'm going to highlight a few options and how to wear them properly.  The three options on ties I'm going to discuss are striped ties, knit ties & plain/bold colors.

Striped ties- good for almost any occasion (meetings, work, dinner) or even just to spruce up your white button down shirt.  They come in about a million color combinations and you can always find one for $10 or less.

Knit ties- absolutely in style right now there on every blog & in every ones closet.  It's a great way to mix things up from the classic style of ties.  Shows you can be stylish and in a room filled with plain silk or cotton ties you will automatically stand out from the crowd.

Plain/bold ties-  Also a great way to switch things up from the classic stripes.  A bright bold red with red laces on your shoes can be a nice subtle match.  A nice bold color to contrast the other colors your wearing can also change an entire outfit.

But James what about the accessories like tie clips & pocket squares?  Calm down I'm getting there.  Tie clips are easy... USE EM! doesn't really matter what they look like it will add a bump of class to your suit or outfit.  Simple as that.  Now pocket squares are different, not all squares will look good with everything you wear.  The rule I try to always use is match the square to the shirt instead of the tie if you can.  It's just more aesthetically pleasing to the eye & makes you look like you know what your doing.

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