Staying Warm

So It's pretty obvious winter is officially here and with temperatures dropping below zero its key to stay warm during the next few months.  During these cold times you sometimes have to compromise style for comfort.  I wanted to show how you can still look good without having to give up too much fashion wise.

First you need to get a pair of boots because the salt that's thrown down over the snow will mess up those suede Nike's you have.  Second get yourself some thermal sock they will come in very handy when those temps get really low.  Finally a nice warm winter jacket, I got mine from a thrift store for $17 that was donated by Target.  It was a size too small so I went in a traded it in at Target & found out it was an $80 jacket. The scarf & beanie combo is from Express for a low $12.

plaid flannel shirt + dark blue jeans + boots + thermal socks + beanie + scarf + mittens + winter coat

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