Big Game, Big style

So the Super Bowl is this Sunday and even though I'll be working for most of the game I wanted to show a way to look good and still support your team.  You always see guys in over sized jerseys that make you look unflattering.  I'll be the one to say it it does not have to be that way.  I've put together two separate outfits online that represent both teams in each and look great.  So if your going to a super bowl party this Sunday ditch the Jersey and make an impression in your own stylish way.


The Ravens colors are purple and black really simple and easy to use.  They already look good together so basically anything with this color combo will work.  I went really simple on this one.  Lacost polo tee + black pants + Ravens socks + black vans


Now San Fran's colors are red, white & gold so I kept the red and white, ditched the gold, kept it simple and came up with this one that I also thought looked great.  So no matter what team you'll be drunk and rooting for you can  still look dapper for both.

Red cardigan + denim shirt + white pants + 49er socks + black vans

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