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 So I've just read that Nick Wooster was just named Creative Director of men's clothing at JCPenney.  I'm very excited about this for several reasons.  First is that Nick Wooster has incredible style & is known as a style icon.  The items I've seen from him are great.  Working with names like Calvin Klein  Barney's & Ralph Lauren.  Second is I'm a huge fan of JCPenney, I think there trying to make a breakthrough into style without forcing people to spend a lot of money which is what this blog is all about.  I think the items that are to come from this collaboration are going to be great.  The inspiration from Mr. Wooster combined with the cost efficiency that JCPenney is known for is a no brainer, and with spring only a few months away you can guarantee there will be some great things to come in 2013 from these two.  I already believe JCPenney brings a lot to the table fashion wise and it's not very well known that JCPenney has a lot of great items for men on a budget.  I shop there often and it's always a go to for me for new trends, expect to see more from them in the future on this blog.

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