Couch Surfing

 So I've put together an outfit that i thought looked nice.  The great thing about the Internet is that I did all this while sitting on my couch.  I seen an outfit on a different blog that was very similar to this one so I went out and looked for the alternative for a less expensive price.  With everything shown here included it wouldn't cost anymore than $130.10 considering everything included you cant really beat that.  I found everything online from sites like Amazon.com to JCPenney even Kenneth Cole if you know were to look its not hard to put a great outfit together on a budget.  To be honest it probably only took me about 30 minutes to find everything I was looking for, and don't get me wrong you can definitely add some accessories (nice glasses,bracelets a watch etc.) but what I've shown here is just the basics of a great outfit and everything here can be used with other items to create even more stylish outfits so be on the lookout for great deals and inspiration , enjoy

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