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So I've been blogging on here for about a month now and I have quickly realized there are some serious tech toys I need to make my life easier and more efficient.  With technology advancing at the speed that it is it's not hard to find anything your looking for on the internet.  Chances are if you have an idea of something that would help, its going to be already out there for you too purchase.  Here's some things I found that are going on my wish list and should be on yours too if you are serious about blogging and making things easier.

 As I do 90% of my blogging and idea hunting on my Kindle Fire this item is number 1 on my list.  The IZen was recently featured on heartifb and I have to agree I am a fan.  Works with pretty much anything that has Bluetooth capability (ipad, kindle, even phones).  Coming in around $99.99 it's a key investment if you are constantly on your tablet using email or blogging like myself.


If you want to take your blogging seriously and to the next level you need to upgrade from the cell phone camera shots to a real camera.  I went with the Fujifilm S4200 for several reasons.  1st- you can find this online around $129.00 which is a steal for digital SLR cameras.  It's lightweight and doesn't give off that bulkiness that a lot of high powered cameras can do.  The S4200 is also battery operated which sets it apart from the others making it convenient for traveling or long days of shooting when you don't have to carry around a bulky charger all day.  If your on a budget as I know I am this can be a great camera to invest into.

Now if you have just picked up a new camera a handy tool to have is a tripod.  They come in a lot of different sizes, shapes and cost.  The GorrillaPod can help you get that perfect picture or video that you just can't get without a tripod.  Cut out the blurriness and worry of trying to get a still picture with this bad boy.  Ranging from $19.95-$49.95 the GorrilaPod has the flexible legs for the not so average terrain and if you include the spike feet that they also sell you can grip the legs to almost any surface making you unstoppable in the camera game.


Also featured on IFB (can you tell I'm on there a lot yet?) this speaker is exactly what it sounds like Bluetooth capable, wireless, speaker.  I know when I am writing I do like to have some background noise going and music always helps the creative juices flow.  For $49.99 offering a 360 degree sound I'm a fan of this product.  There are a lot of portable speakers out there so you don't need to settle for this one but if you want sound quality your going to have to pay for it.

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